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We are your phone experts.

What We Do: Move Phone Systems

Core Value

John Wayne Integrity

As they say in the Old West, we've got sand. We are not scared to stand up for our clients and what we know is right. We will always set proper expectations. No fancy sales pitches just to win your business. If we say it, we mean it. It goes back to our no BS policy. You can only expect the truth from us. It's our Nashville VOIP phone systems guarantee.

The customer experience is everything!

What We Do: New Systems

Core Value

We Love This Stuff

Based in Nashville, were into phones before phones were cool! That's right, we said it. Phones are cool. We love VOIP phone systems for small business and office. It's our passion – and it shows in how we create solutions and work with our customers.

Magic Apple provides a highly customizable system that exceeds our expectation in every area with great customer support. I would be hard pressed to name a company that has been such a positive force multiplier for our business.

– Grey Carter Battle Ground Academy

What We Do: System Upgrades

Core Value

Our Awesomeness

If you've met us, you know we've never been like our competitors. It starts with our name. It says we’re different. This filters into every aspect of our business. We have pride in what we do. We have a little swagger. We have confidence in what we do with our VOIP phone systems in Nashville. It’s our calling card. Did you catch the phone reference?

They have very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding representatives. I highly endorse Jim McCarthy, he will ensure that you make an informed decision.

– James Lawrence

Whether you need 1 phone or hundreds, We're your team.

Core Value

Ninja Quick Support

Kinda says it all, right? Magic Apple in Nashville takes pride in our ability to respond quickly to all customer issues. We also believe in “no trace left behind,” which means we will leave your space exactly how we found it, except with excellent VOIP phone systems. No messes to clean up when we’re done. In and out like a ninja!

Cloud Hosted PBX

What We Do: Listen to Your Needs

Core Value

We Never Point Fingers

We don't play the blame game here. We actually prefer football. Our industry has become known for pointing fingers. You have a problem and call the VOIP phone systems carrier. They say it’s a hardware issues. The hardware vendor says it's a carrier issue. You still have a problem and no one to help. Is your head hurting yet? Call Magic Apple in Nashville first. We will take the problem off your plate, find the issue and work with all parties to find a solution. Carry on with your life, we’ll give you a shout when it's done.

Magic Apple + Phones = Awesome