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Introducing our New How to Video Page

  Magic Apple is proud to announce our new line of how to videos! Check out our youtube for fun videos that will walk you through commonly asked questions, with some added humor!  Follow this link to check out our videos.

How Magic Apple Technology, Nashville’s Business Communication Experts, began.

  In the Beginning Just how did Nashville’s Business Communication Experts get their start?  It was back in 2005.  I had been in Telecom for a while and was looking for something new and exciting.  I found a company that was installing a new type of phone system based on Asterisk, an open source software […]

What I got from the book “Choose Yourself” from James Altucher

       So I started ready a book called, “Choose Yourself- Be happy, Make Money, Live the Dream”.  The book is written by James Altucher.  Let me start by saying this is not a review of the book but rather an explanation of the top three things I got from the book.  I am […]