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How Magic Apple Technology, Nashville’s Business Communication Experts, began.

  In the Beginning Just how did Nashville's Business Communication Experts get their start?  It was back in 2005.  I had been in Telecom for a while and was looking for something new and excit ...

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What I Got From the Book “Choose Yourself” from James Altucher

       So I started ready a book called, "Choose Yourself- Be happy, Make Money, Live the Dream".  The book is written by James Altucher.  Let me start by saying this is not a review of the ...

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Top 5 Reasons an Open Source Phone System Is the Right Choice for Your Business.

       So you may ask what is an Open Source Phone System and why would I care?  Well, it all comes down to these five simple things.  There are no license fees to use the  Phone System. ...

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Astronaut on the moon walking a space tiger

Things That Are Awesome……5 Reasons You Should Know More About SDN.

    When we think awesome in today's world many things can come to mind.  But when it comes to new and game changing technologies, I think of Software Defined Networking or SDN.  You may ...

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Three business men beating a fax machine with a bat in a field

Fax to Email – How To Make The Sales Process a LOT Easier – Asterisk FreePBX

Magic Apple presents Phone Systems That BOOST your BUSINESS! Fax to email will make waiting at a fax machine go the way of the Dodo. You can give your customers the flexibility of sending you signed d ...

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How To Use Call Recording To Tweak Your Business – Asterisk FreePBX

Magic Apple presents Phone Systems that BOOST your BUSINESS!! Call recording can be a powerful tool for "air-checking" your sales force, documenting time for invoicing clients, and even grabbing some ...

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