Magic Apple presents Phone Systems That BOOST your BUSINESS!

Fax to email will make waiting at a fax machine go the way of the Dodo. You can give your customers the flexibility of sending you signed documents, purchase orders, credit card numbers, etc., to your direct number. You will then be able to receive and send the document (in the newly converted .pdf file) to whomever you like.

Matt and his business partner Jeremy Apple started Magic Apple Technology when they realized they could provide business phone products and services to their customers better than their previous employers could. In August of 2008, they started the business at a local Borders bookstore. In September of 2008, one of the biggest market crashes in U.S. history occurred. Seven years later, Magic Apple is not only surviving, they are thriving with having just moved into a new office in downtown Nashville!

Jim McCarthy is Magic Apple's Business Development and Marketing Manager. He's also a multi-award winning creative advertising content producer, writer, voice over artist and video idea guru. He spent 18+ years within the broadcast industry crafting numerous advertising campaigns for a multitude of businesses. He was also one of the creative forces behind the launch of Nashville's JACK fm radio brand, which ended up becoming one of the most successful JACK franchises in the country to this day.

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