Nashvilles Business Communication Experts in the flesh

In the Beginning

Just how did Nashville's Business Communication Experts get their start?  It was back in 2005.  I had been in Telecom for a while and was looking for something new and exciting.  I found a company that was installing a new type of phone system based on Asterisk, an open source software that could do all kinds of amazing things.  After digging into the technology a little more, I began to understand how powerful this new tool could be.  It wasn't long after that I was the companies new Sales Director.  The first person I met was Jeremy Apple.  A very smart technician with an apt for learning things on the fly.  Three short years later, with the help of my lovely and talented wife Holly Wilkinson Lloyd, we would form Magic Apple Technology.

Let's do the math for a minute, 2005 plus three years would be 2008.  Now, what happened in 2008?  More specifically what happened in September of 2008?  That's right, the banks failed.  We started Magic Apple in August of that awful year.  As you might imagine there would be no financial help from banks or anyone at that point.  We learned quickly that we needed to work and work we did.  In the beginning, we did just about anything anyone needed.  My answer to any customer request was, " You bet we can do that.".  My next call was to Jeremy asking, "Can we do that?".  To his credit, the answer was almost always yes.  We did better than survive.  We slowly started to thrive.

In 2014 we had been in business for 6 years and doing pretty well.  As a team, we had to make a decision.  Are we going to stay how we are or are we going to grow?  This was not an easy decision to make.  We had created nice jobs for ourselves.  We no longer had to worry about how bills were going to get paid.  We were comfortable.  In the end, we decided that growth was what we all wanted to do.  As a good friend and mentor said to me, "fortune is for the risk takers.".  We heard of a telecom company that was up for sale.  That company was Tennessee Business Communication Services or TBCS.  They had been in business for over 30 years and had a great reputation and an even better customer base. We bought that company in Fall of 2014.  That resulted in the acquisition of Steve Mars and Nick Harris.  Steve is our GM with over 30 years experience and Nick is our lead Field Tech with over 20 years on the job.  With a bigger and better team, we have grown and gotten better at what we do.

Today Magic Apple has 9 total employees.  We offer both premise-based and cloud-based business phone services.  We currently support over 50K individual users across the country.  Magic Apple started out as an idea that three people could build something and work for themselves instead of working for someone else.  It's turned into what I believe to be a great small business that wants to help people and provide opportunity to others.

To learn more about who we are, check out our Core Values!