So I started ready a book called, "Choose Yourself- Be happy, Make Money, Live the Dream".  The book is written by James Altucher.  Let me start by saying this is not a review of the book but rather an explanation of the top three things I got from the book.  I am a small business owner and am always looking for new things to read that will inspire me to be better at what I do.  This book has left what I hope will be a lasting impression on me.  The big lesson I got from this book is all about the "The Daily Practice".  This is something he breaks down many times.  In a nutshell, you are supposed to work to improve by 1% daily in the following categories, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.  The author goes further and explains ways to do that.  Instead of repeating what he said, I will tell you what I have started doing for myself.

Mental:  This is my favorite, I have started his practice of writing down 10 ideas every day.  They are random thoughts at first.  But the longer I do it the more organized my thoughts have become.  He states that if you do this for 6 months it will change your life.  At Magic Apple, we did an "Idea Drive".  Everyone in the company worked to come up with 10 Ideas that they think would improve the company.  I was surprised at how many people came up with the same or similar ideas.  We now working to implement some of these. The whole team is excited to be a part have a voice in how things are done.


Physical:  I have started walking/ hiking every day that I can.  My goal each week is to get in 20 miles total for the week.  This is my time to listen to audiobooks or just be in the woods and alone with my thoughts.  I also have enjoyed having my family join me on these walks.


Emotional:  I have made a real effort to surround myself with the people I most care about and most care about me in return.  If I don't like being around someone, I have started putting space between us.  This is not to be mean, it's all about choosing myself and my own happiness.


Spiritually:  This is all about gratitude.  I am working every day to be grateful for the abundance in my life.  I know there are things that can bring me down but I am choosing to be grateful for everything that is good in my life.  My Wife is really good about just being grateful.  I have always been the "I want more", guy.  This is something that I am wanting to change about myself.  In the book, there is a story about two guys talking at a networking event.  One of them points over to another guy at the bar and states, "That guy makes more in a month that you do all year".  His friend just smiles and tells him, "I have something that guy will never have", "enough".

So that's it.  I am working on this every day.  Some days I will feel like I did everything on my list others I will feel like a total failure.  My promise to myself is that I am going to take day by day.  I am not going to time travel into thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday.  What will happen or what has happened.  All I can worry about is right now.