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What We Do

Our Nashville Business Telephone Services

We can help make moving your cloud based phone system as seamless as possible.

Moving an entire business is about as fun as (insert your favorite pain metaphor here). We will make it a *lot* easier for you when it comes to moving your current business phone system:

We Conduct a Needs Uncovery
Assessing and advising on what kind of internet and phone services (dial tone, essentially) you will need for your new location and budget. Whether you’re choosing a cloud based phone system or a VoIP service, we’ve got your back.

Assess Cabling/Wiring
We can provide the cabling for your phones, faxes, data, and/or super-secret spy grid. We’ll also try and save you money by assessing and reusing the existing wiring in your new space.

Provide a Phone System Review
Businesses evolve. Does the business phone system you’re moving make your company as efficient as it can be? Are there any newer features that might make your sales team more productive? Let us evaluate your current system and see if stacks up to your business needs and demands. Many businesses are considering cloud based phone systems.

Additional Services Include:

Future Proofing Your Business
We provide the most kick-butt Nashville business phone system for your budget. Whether it’s hosted or premise based, VoIP, IP PBX, or a cloud based phone system, we can handle it. Our phone systems are future-proofed and scalable too.

Cabling and Wiring done the right way, according to the most up to date codes.

That’s a scary word. At Magic Apple, it’s a happy word for a lot of our clients because it usually means saving money.

Custom Auto Attendant and Messaging On Hold
We know a lot of businesses that have free ad space that they don’t use. We call it their “Hold Space”. It’s like a giant billboard…that’s blank. When a customer calls into your business or gets put on hold, why not make an impression and even bolster their decision to use you? We can provide a custom message for both applications.

Many of our clients that we have helped move usually like to see if they’re missing out on any new features that their current Nashville business phone system does not have. It’s a great time to see how we can make your business more efficient by introducing new options like the all new pancake-making feature.

Kidding. They don’t make pancakes.

"Magic Apple did a great job for us when our old telephone system stopped suddenly. They were on site the same day I called and we were back up and running a few days later. The new system is working g..."

- Julia Boklage