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What We Do

Our Nashville Business Telephone Services

Does your current phone system look like something out of a 1980’s film?

Nashville Business CommunicationYeah. Let’s talk.

At Magic Apple, #wedophonesystems. But what we really do is help to make your business as efficient as we possibly can.

Some of the latest and greatest cloudphone features that are available are:

Fax to Email
Use your direct number to receive faxes from customers, thanks to our phone jack wiring service in Nashville. The document goes into your email inbox and you can forward it to whoever may need to see it.

Voicemail to Email: Same as above, but with voicemails.

Call Recording/Monitoring/Coaching
Is the new guy in sales not getting enough traction with his customers on the phone? Take a listen to hear what is going on and rip him a new one. Kidding. Seriously, we have seen a few of our customers make use of this feature to boost morale and productivity.

Call Reporting
Can’t remember who to bill for that 87 minute consult you had last Tuesday? No problem. See what cloudphone calls came in/went out, how long they were and what time of day they happened.
These are just a very few of the features that come with a majority of the cloudphone systems we sell.
We know you’re tired of replacing light bulbs in the buttons on your phones.

"Magic Apple did a great job for us when our old telephone system stopped suddenly. They were on site the same day I called and we were back up and running a few days later. The new system is working g..."

- Julia Boklage